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In 2018 the International Evaluation of market value of Software Projects of the Suhba company amounted to 685 billion rubles ($ 9.8 billion).



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  • 2016

    • Estimation of the investment cost of the project “Suhba” in the amount of 802 million rubles, with the contribution to the authorized capital of LLC “Suhba”.

    • Our project was reviewed by the UN and the Joint Suhba-UNIDO declaration of cooperation was signed.

    • Our team participated in the intergovernmental forum Tatarstan-Turkey, representing the business of the Republic of Tatarstan in the  Ankara city as part of the official delegation.

    • At the International Halal Forum as part of the delegation of the Russian Federation met at the highest level with the signing of memorandums of cooperation with Europe and Latin America.

  • 2017

    • Determination of the market value of the assets of the project “Suhba” (scientific and technical development) in the amount of 418 billion rubles.

    • The project officially joined the organization “AIAPS” “UN” – “AIAPS” “UN” with the program “Protecting children from violence on the Internet.”

    • An agreement was signed with a stock broker and an account was opened on the Alternative Investments Market – AIM.

    •  JSC Suhba has been registered to access over-the-counter and exchange sales of the company’s shares.

    • The head office of the company was opened in Moscow.

    • Opened office in Moscow. Federation-East Tower.

    • A branch of the company “Suhba-Kazakhstan” was opened in Astana.

    • A contract was concluded and the first issue was issued with the VTB Registrar to the share register.

    • The first issue of shares of Suhba in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation with the price of 10 rubles for a unit.

    • A new exchange platform “Suhba” was commissioned.

  • 2018

    • A branch of Suhba-Europa  has been opened in Bulgaria.

    • The company`s office opened in Azerbaijan.

    • A branch of Suhba-Vostok  was opened in Turkey.

    • A branch of Suhba-Consalting in the UAE has been opened.

    • Opened company office in China

The first working version of SUHBA is launched.

Cultivation of true human values, protection against violence, terrorism and Internet pornography, freedom of communication between people and nations united by the idea of peace and good will on the basis of the halal and kosher principles.



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The investment cost of "Suhba" project 802 million rubles was estimated, with introduction of the charter capital;

The international assessment of the market value of Suhba's software projects was made in the amount of 418 billion rubles ($7.4 billion);

Our project was considered by the UN and signed a joint declaration on cooperation "Suhba» - «UNIDO»;

The project was officially included into the UN AIAPS organization, with the CHILDREN SAFETY ONLINE program;
The Project was included in the Eurasian Investment Union organization;
An agreement with an exchange broker was signed and an account was opened on the Alternative Investments Market - AIM;

At the World Halal Forum in Istanbul we had meetings at the highest grade with representatives of Halal business and Halal centers as members of the Russian delegation with signing memorandums of cooperation with Europe and Latin America;

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Return on investments in 2016 amounted 800%!

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