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The joint-stock company SUKHBA changed its jurisdiction from the Russian company to the Spanish SUHBA TECHNOLOGY.
The main office of the company is now in Spain in the city of Valencia.

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  • 2016

    • Estimation of the investment cost of the project “Suhba” in the amount of 802 million rubles, with the contribution to the authorized capital of LLC “Suhba”.

    • Our project was reviewed by the UN and the Joint Suhba-UNIDO declaration of cooperation was signed.

    • Our team participated in the intergovernmental forum Tatarstan-Turkey, representing the business of the Republic of Tatarstan in the  Ankara city as part of the official delegation.

    • At the International Halal Forum as part of the delegation of the Russian Federation met at the highest level with the signing of memorandums of cooperation with Europe and Latin America.

  • 2017

    • Determination of the market value of the assets of the project “Suhba” (scientific and technical development) in the amount of 418 billion rubles.

    • The project officially joined the organization “AIAPS” “UN” – “AIAPS” “UN” with the program “Protecting children from violence on the Internet.”

    • An agreement was signed with a stock broker and an account was opened on the Alternative Investments Market – AIM.

    •  JSC Suhba has been registered to access over-the-counter and exchange sales of the company’s shares.

    • The head office of the company was opened in Moscow.

    • Opened office in Moscow. Federation-East Tower.

    • A branch of the company “Suhba-Kazakhstan” was opened in Astana.

    • A contract was concluded and the first issue was issued with the VTB Registrar to the share register.

    • The first issue of shares of Suhba in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation with the price of 10 rubles for a unit.

    • A new exchange platform “Suhba” was commissioned.

  • 2018

    • A branch of Suhba-Europa  has been opened in Bulgaria.

    • The company`s office opened in Azerbaijan.

    • A branch of Suhba-Vostok  was opened in Turkey.

    • A branch of Suhba-Consalting in the UAE has been opened.

    • Opened company office in China